Courtesy of Alain PARISCourtesy of Alain PARIS
Courtesy of Alain PARIS

ProfilesinBlack is a mentorship web site that was created to provide information on famous or well known people of black heritage and african decent. The site includes information for people of african ancestry from all over the world. It includes, but is not limited to african-american heritage.
The purpose of the web site is to create a source for us to educate ourselves on black people that have been successful and to encourage and motivate youths to strive for more. Mentors and mentorship are key elements that help drive the desire to succeed and push us to do our best.

We need more visibility on successful ppeople of black decent or ancestry outsde of the sports and music industries. We need to let our children know that they can be anything they want be be including leaders, doctors, lawyers, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, astronauts, architects, authors, politicians, etc.