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Profiles in Black is a "not for profit" organization developed by and dedicated to black youths and adults who care to contribute to the knowledge and celebration of their black heritage.

Our goal is to provide a resource for black youths and adults where they can find pride in the many successes of people of our ancestry.
We hope that our visitors will find positive role models within this web site and that some will be motivated to chase their dreams.

Our motto is "you can be anything you want to be". All it takes is a belief in yourself and dedication to the passion felt within. Very few people achieve anything without hard work and persistence - the harder you try, the better you are -- the better you are, the more you enjoy it -- the more you enjoy it, the harder you try.

This web site is currently under development, therefore some links may be inactive or broken. Please report broken links to us. If you wish to join us, please go to the Join Us page. If you do not wish to join, but would simply like to contribute material, please go to the Submit Info page.

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