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This page is dedicated to black inventors both past and present and provides links to sources of information created and/or owned by other parties. It is meant strictly to provide information on famous or well known inventors of african ancestry or decent to those who wish to find this information. If you have any information or sources of information pertaining to famous inventors of black ancestry, we encourage you to submit the information to us by completing the form that can be accessed through the "Submit Info" button above.

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Adolphus Samms 1 2
Albert C. Richardson 1 2
Andrew Jackson Beard
1 2
Benjamin Banneker
1 2 3
Benjamin F. Jackson 1
Benjamin Montgomery 1
Bessie Blount 1 2
Charles Armstrong 1
Charles Brooks 1
Charles R. Drew 1 2 3
Charles V. Richey 1
Clarence Elder 1 2
Daniel Johnson 1
David Baker 1
Elijah McCoy 1 2
Emmett Chappelle 1
Emmett Harrison 1 2
Frederick M. Jones
Garrett A. Morgan 1
George Edward Alcorn 1
George Washington Carver 1 2
George R. Carruthers 1
George W. Murray
1 2
GranvilleT. Woods 1 2
Henrietta Bradberry 1
Henry Blair 1
Henry Aaron Hill 1
J Standard 1
Jack Johnson 1
James Cooper
James C. Jones 1
James Edward West 1
Jan Ernst Matzeliger 1 2
Joaquin C. Dorticus 1
John Albert Burr 1

Joseph H. Dickinson 1 2
Julius Hart 1
Lewis H. Latimer
P 1 2 3
Lewis Temple 1
Leonard C. Bailey 1
Lonnie Johnson 1 2 3 4
Lloyd Augustus Hall 1 2
Madame C.J. Walker
Madeline M.
Turner 1
Marjorie Stewart Joyner 1 2
Mark Dean 1
Mary B. Kenner 1
Mary Jane Reynolds 1
Meredith C. Gourdine 1
Miria E. Benjamin 1
Oscar R. Cassell 1
Otis Boykin
Ned E. Barnes 1
Norbert Rillieux 1 2
Patricia Bath 1
Percy L. Julian 1 2
Phil Brooks 1
Richard B. Spikes 1 2
Robert G. Bayless 1
Robert Gray 1
Rufus Stokes 1 2 3
Sambo Jackson
Samuel R. Scottron 1 2 3
Sarah Boone 1
Sarah E. Goode
Thomas L. Jennings
William Douglass
1 2 3
William Hale 1

William J. Knox, Jr. 1 2
Willam B. Purvis
1 2
Wilson E. Hull 1

Links to pages about black inventors
http://inventors.about.com [ Patent Holders ]

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