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We are looking for several categories of contributors to join our effort. Please contact us at to join in the effort. Please note that you do not have to join us to contribute in any of the ways listed below. We are pleased to accept assistance of any form.

Research Assistants: people who will submit names, links, articles, etc., that are pertinent to the content of our site. We are also encouraging teachers, college instructors and university professors to initiate class projects.

people who will write brief biographies on individuals and submit them to us. The biographies should be short enough to fit on to one page in the site (approx. 15 to 30 lines). We encourage teachers, college instructors and university professors to initiate class projects.

Fact Checkers: people who will check and verify the content of any articles we produce, before they are posted to our web site. These would be people with superior knowledge of black history and current affairs. Initially we are simply providing links to other web sites where information can be found. Eventually, we would like to have brief biographies written about as many people as possible, with links to other sites that contain information about those people.

Sponsors: people and companies who will provide donations, free or discounted services, and material such as software or equipment.

Advertisers: companies who will pay to advertise on our site. These funds will go towards the development and running of the site. We intend to keep the advertising on the main pages of the site very limited to ensure that we maintain the original intent of our effort; to "educate ourselves about ourselves" and to "provide black role models for black youths". Most of the advertising will be contained on a page dedicated to advertising.

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