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This page is dedicated to black people in science; both past and present and provides links to sources of information created and/or owned by other parties. All information, articles, material, copyrights and trademarks contained in the pages to which we link are the property of the respective owners. All rights reserved to media owners.

Albert Cornelius Antoine 1
Arlie O. Petters 1
Benjamin Banneker
Charles Henry Turner 1
Dale Emeagwali 1
David H. Blackwell 1
Edward A. Bouchet 1
Emmett W. Chappelle
Ernest Coleman 1
Ernest Just 1
George R. Carruthers 1
George Washington Carver 1 2
Henry Aaron Hill 1
Herman Branson 1

Ida Stephens Owens 1
J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr. 1
James Sumner Lee

Jewel Plummer Cobb 1
Jim Gates 1
John R. Cooper
Lloyd Augustus Hall 1 2
Marie Maynard Daly
Mary Styles Harris 1
Norbert Rillieux
1 2
Percy L. Julian 1 2
Philip Emeagwali 1 2 3 4
Shirley Ann Jackson

Links to pages about black people in science

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